About ECOtality

ECOtality, Inc. (OTC BB: ETLY), headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., is a renewable energy company that acquires and commercially advances clean electric technologies and applications. ECOtality aggressively accelerates the development of companies and technologies that address today’s global energy challenges. Through strategic acquisitions, partnerships and technology innovations, ECOtality strives to advance the market applicability of clean electric technologies to become accepted alternatives to carbon-based fuel technologies.

As the parent company of Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec – www.etecevs.com), Innergy Power Corporation (www.innergypower.com), and Fuel Cell Store (www.fuelcellstore.com), ECOtality offers solar, hydrogen, fuel cell, advanced battery, electric vehicle and fast-charging products, services and solutions. ECOtality is also working with industry partners to develop a hydrogen storage technology – Hydrality™ (www.hydrality.com) – that stores and delivers hydrogen on-demand using magnesium and water. Through development and commercialization of clean electric technologies, ECOtality is focused on changing the world’s consumption behavior to one that is more environmentally friendly, socially responsible and commercially viable for today and future generations. For more information about ECOtality and its subsidiary companies, please visit www.ecotality.com.