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ECOtality and Nissan Partner to Launch Electric Vehicles in Arizona’s Pima County

ECOtality to Develop EV Infrastructure Guidelines for British Columbia

ECOtality’s eTec Powers Westchester County Airport with Minit-Charger Installation

ECOtality’s eTec Launches New Minit-Charger FC Fast-Charger

ECOtality and eTec provide a turn-key program for areas to establish infrastructure for electric transportation

eTec Minit-Charger Celebrates 10-year Anniversary

ECOtality’s eTec Launches New Minit-Charger SC Fast-Charger

eTec to Evaluate PHEV Fast-Charging and Smart Grid Interactions for the U.S. Department of Energy

eTec Provides a Custom eTec HICE Silverado to Sierra Lobo, Inc. to be Powered by Liquid Hydrogen

ECOtality’s Innergy Power to Develop and Manufacture Battery Systems for Electric Vehicle Applications

eTec Launches the Bridge Power Manager for Electric Ground Support Equipment

ECOtality’s eTec to Conduct Testing of Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid Electric Vehicles

ECOtality’s eTec Completes Minit-Charger Integration

ECOtality’s eTec Provides South Carolina’s First Hydrogen Powered Vehicle to the Center for Hydrogen Research

ECOtality’s eTec Consolidates Minit-Charger Manufacturing

ECOtality’s eTec Completes SuperCharge Installation at Long Beach Airport