H2 GEN 2 Storage System

The Generation 2 Hydrogen Energy Storage System addresses the challenges of siting a Hydrogen Fueling Station in close proximity to other commercial buildings and reduces the typically long time periods required for obtaining a station operating permit.

GEN 2 Station Features:

  • Modular Systems
  • Compression and Storage
  • 100/5/1 Vehicle/Day Capacities
  • Compatible with all Product Systems
  • Interfaces with any Dispenser System
  • Designed for Severe Environmental Conditions (Seismic Zone 4 & 100mph wind load)
  • Designed for Commercial Application
    • Exhaustive Safety Analysis Supports Permitting
    • Design Features Provide Inherent Safety
    • Zero Setback Requirement Allows Convenient Siting

GEN 2 Station Design

  • Storage
    • Vertical Tubes
    • Modular Options (Diameter and Length)
  • Compression
    • Oil Free
    • 5,000 psi or 10,000 psi
    • Direct Fill Option
  • Designs to Minimize Magnitude of Hazards
    • Compartmentalize Storage
    • Elevate Piping
    • Minimize Pipe Diameter
    • Double Wall Piping System
    • Valve Manifold Vessels
  • Facilitates Gas Zone Separation
  • Redirects Detonation through Coaxial Pipe to Benign Location
  • Allows Valve Maintenance

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Valve Manifold Vessels