H2-CNG Blending Dispenser

eTec saw the need for an accurate way to blend Hydrogen Gas and Compressed National Gas (CNG) at various mixtures and proceeded with the development an H2-CNG Blending Dispenser for initial installation and testing at the Arizona Public Service Company Alternative Fuel Park. After successfully validating the design for 18 months, with development partner Clean Energy, eTec produced a commercial ready H2-CNG Heavy Duty Blending Dispenser that allows an accurate way to fuel pure Hydrogen, pure CNG or various blends of the two fuels.

The first commercial H2-CNG Blending Dispenser is now in operation at the TransLink’s Port Coquitlam facility as part of the BC Hydrogen HighwayT, Integrated Waste Hydrogen Utilization Project (IWHUP). It depenses H2-CNG (20% Hydrogen by volume) for the demonstration of four hydrogen + compressed natural gas transit buses developed by consortium partner Westport Innovations operating out of the TransLink facility in regular transit service. The H2-CNG Dispenser has several advantages over existing products in the market including:

  • Real-time mixing to ensure the proper mixture at any point in the fueling process
  • Improved accuracy of the desired blend ratios
  • Flexibility in the blend ratios of hydrogen from 100% to 0%
  • Data collection capability for report and analysis