EV/PHEV Activities


eTec is the leading provider of infrastructure solutions for on-road electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). Working with major automotive manufacturers, national utilities, international research institutes and the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) for its Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA) program, eTec has been involved in every North American EV initiative to date.

Currently, eTec has installed more than 5,100 charging stations for on-road electric vehicles, material handling, airline, marine and transit applications, and has conducted more than 6 million miles of vehicle testing on more than 200 advanced fuel vehicles. With the installation of more than 400 charging stations for on-road electric vehicles, eTec has installed more charging stations for on-road applications than any other company.

Through innovative technologies and industry leading experience, eTec is the infrastructure provider for EVs and PHEVs.

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eTec’s current EV/PHEV infrastructure offerings:

  • LEVEL I & II CHARGING: eTec is the leading supplier, installer, and service provider of Level I (110V) charging systems that can recharge an electric vehicle in 8-14 hours and PHEV in 4-8 hours and Level II (220V) charging-systems that can recharge an electric vehicle in 4-8 hours and PHEV in 2-4 hours.  Having installed more Level I and II charging systems than any competitor, eTec provides complete turnkey solutions for installations at public, commercial and residential locations. For more information, click here.
  • Level III/FAST-CHARGING: UtilizingeTec’s proprietary Minit-Charger technology, eTecprovides the most advanced fast-charge technology that can recharge anelectric vehicle (EV or PHEV) in approximately 10-15 minutes. For more information. click here.