Relevant Experience

eTec has performed consulting services for a broad range of clients including:

  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • Roush Industries
  • New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
  • New York Power Authority
  • KeySpan Energy
  • Long Island Power Authority
  • Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium
  • Arizona Public Service Company
  • Salt River Project
  • Southern California Edison Company
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC
  • Mead Westvaco

A sampling of current consulting contracts is provided below:

Project: Clean Coal Technologies Technology Evaluation
ETEC assisted Arizona Public Service with its evaluation of current technologies suitable for coal gasification. Initial work included a broad evaluation of partial oxidation technologies (US, European and Asian projects) as well as a detailed review of the most recent work performed at the Gas Technology Institute.

Project: Synthetic Natural Gas Project Development
ETEC is assisting Arizona Public Service with development of a project to demonstrate the feasibility of producing synthetic natural gas (SNG) from Four Corners region coal using a hydro gasification process at a target cost of $4.50 MBTU, then transport the SNG Phoenix area combined cycle power plants using existing natural gas pipelines. Hydro gasification differs from tradition partial oxidation processes by not burning or oxidizing coal. It exposes the coal to a hydrogen rich environment, producing more methane than traditional partial oxidation processes. This produces a methane rich product with a heating value similar to natural gas, allowing it to be transported in existing natural gas pipelines. The project includes development of a proof of concept hydro gasification reactor and associated auxiliary systems and controls.

Project: Bio-Solar Reactor Demonstration
ETEC is assisting Arizona Public Service (APS) with the engineering, construction and operation of a demonstration bio-solar reactor for carbon dioxide removal. The reactor is being install at the 2,000 MWe Redhawk combined cycle power plant of APS. A side stream of flue gas is routed through the bio-solar reactor wherein carbon dioxide is absorbed by algae growing in the reactor. The algae is harvested and converted to bio-diesel fuel using a commercial dbio-diesel producer.

Project: Pilot Hydrogen/CNG/ChyNG Station
ETEC provided engineering and Project Management services for the PNW pilot Hydrogen station located in Phoenix Arizona. This activity included design, engineering, construction management, project scheduling. ETEC provided engineering support and guidance during the 18-month effort to obtain certification from City of Phoenix code enforcement officials, the local Fire Marshall and to obtain a certificate as a public motor fuel dispensing station. This station has operated in the downtown Phoenix area for 5 years with zero accidents, zero injuries and zero near-misses.

Project: Hydrogen Facility Monitoring System
Design, engineer, installation and startup of the monitoring system for the APS Pilot Hydrogen/CNG/ChyNG Station. Implemented an automated system to accumulate operating data from the facility systems including hydrogen production, fault monitoring, hydrogen dryer, storage vessel pressure, hydrogen compressor, cooling water temperature, vent stack temperature, conductivity of production supply water, energy consumed by compressor and the hydrogen production unit, IR/UV scanner status, combustible detector status, hydrogen flow control from compressor and feedback from dispenser operation including mass flow per fill. Implemented a remote telemetry system that makes these data available on a graphic process mimic via the Internet ( Includes a system to notify service personnel of trouble via automated text messages to specific mobile phones.

Project: Hydrogen Power Park Development
ETEC provided engineering, construction and testing services to develop and evaluate various hardware configurations for providing added value to a hydrogen production system. Combined power, cooling and heating systems have been evaluated using Hydrogen ICE based engine generator sets. Various hydrogen production, compression and storage system have been evaluated to determine the cost of hydrogen production. Fuel cell and hydrogen ICE generators have been evaluated for distributed generation application as well as back up power.

Project: Heavy Duty CNG/H2 Blending Dispenser
Developed retail packaging for commercial heavy duty CNG-Hydrogen Blending dispenser for transit and vehicle applications based on Hydrogen/CHyNG Dispenser designed and built for APS Pilot Hydrogen/CNG/ChyNG Station. Implemented custom dispensing control algorithms to meet unique needs of the HCNG busses for which this dispenser was built. Also implemented custom software to integrate with the station controller provided at the fueling facility.

Project: Hydrogen/CHyNG Dispenser
Engineering support to engineer, design, test, demonstrate and certify a Hydrogen/CHyNG dispenser. This dispenser allows real time blending of CNG and hydrogen for fueling internal combustion engine vehicles. ETEC provided final engineering design drawings, structural and flow analysis and assisted in development of the control programming, integration into the station control system, the integration of a commercial credit card (POS) system and preparation of patent documents.

Project: Generation II Hydrogen Refueling Station
Engineering support for the conceptual design for the H2Gen2 system, including: general equipment arrangement, piping arrangement, structural, electrical, fire/safety, auxiliary systems and HAZOps analysis. Assisted in development of the documentation of the regulatory issues, codes, standards and permitting requirement related to the H2Gen2 siting and operation.

Project: Hydrogen ICE conversion of the GMC Sierra/Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD 4-Door Pickup Truck
ETEC has jointly developed a Hydrogen ICE conversion of the GMC Sierra/Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD 4-Door Pickup Truck with Roush Industries, a major second-stage manufacturing company and Powertech Labs, world-renowned in hydrogen fuel storage design. Of the first 9 vehicle conversions in production, 8 are participating in the British Columbia Hydrogen Highway’s “Integrated Waste Hydrogen Utilization Project” (IWHUP) sponsored by the Canadian Government, Powertech Labs (Subsidiary of BC Hydro), Clean Energy and several other participants. The 9th HICE truck will undergo vehicle durability and performance testing for the DOE’s Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity under the FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Program.