Fast Charge Solutions

Utilizing eTec’s proprietary Minit-Charger technology, eTec provides the most advanced fast-charge technology (Level III) to recharge an electric vehicle (EV or PHEV) in 10-15 minutes.

The eTec Minit-Charger line of battery fast-charge systems enable a more environmentally-friendly, energy-and cost-efficient means to recharge batteries for electric vehicle (EVs and PHEVs), mobile material handling, airport ground support, and marine and transit applications. eTec’s Minit-Charger technology is based on advanced algorithms that can recharge an electric vehicle battery in just 10 minutes (fast-charging) while improving overall battery life, preventing overcharging, reducing the need for multiple batteries, and eliminating tail-pipe emissions.

Currently used in material handling, airport ground support and electric vehicle applications, eTec will work with you to develop and provide a fast-charge solution to meet your needs for any application.
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